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ACTS is an initiative of the Church of Our Lady Queen of Peace in Singapore. The organisation started out after a small group of parishioners from the Church of Our Lady Queen of Peace helped out at a Don Bosco school the week before Christmas in 2006. The parishioners were so inspired by the work of the Salesian Sisters with the Don Bosco Foundation that they felt they had to share the joy of service with others. Thus, with the permission of Father Francis Lee, Advent Cambodia Trips (ACTs) was launched in 2007. 

In April 2011, ACTs changed its name to A Call To Share (ACTS), not only to expand its outreach beyond Cambodia but also to encompass its works as a year-long programme. In addition to the yearly missions trips in December, ACTS activities include a scholarship programme for needy students, a food and oil programme for the villagers as well as the air-freighting of jeans and computers to beneficiaries such as the Don Bosco schools, Banteay Prieb and Missionaries of Charity. With the name change, ACTS helps its mission participants with the following:

1. To share the experience of Christ, skills and resources with the

i)     Children  
ii)    Poor 
iii)   Needy (spiritual needs as well as physical)

2. To experience the joy of service with the participants, especially for the youths, to impart the love and joy of giving, to be happy to do it with a smile and to be dependent on the value systems of the 5 characteristics:

i)     Christ-centredness
ii)    Integrity
iii)   Respect and humility
iv)   Commitment
v)    Generosity (of resources, time and money)

The size of ACTS’ mission teams has grown from 70 in 2007 to more than 200 as many are repeat participants. Today ACTS’ programmes are known throughout Cambodia and it has received invitations from the Catholic Church and government of Cambodia to extend its programmes.


Programmes and Activities

  • Set up water filters
  • Provide medical assistance
  • Organise annual Advent trips to spread the Christmas joy
  • Raise funds for educational purposes, school-building projects and food programme
  • Organise ‘rice and oil’ programme for 1,700 students of Don Bosco schools as well as a one-off provision of essentials to the 200 poorest families
  • Provide sponsorships to teachers and aspirants to study and improve their literacy skills in Singapore
  • Conduct training sessions such as ‘Theology of the Body’ to the Pastoral Healthcare Commission of Cambodia and will start a Natural Family Programme for Cambodia
  • Organise a systematic networking programme to engage other groups such as Singapore Poly (provision of computers throughout Cambodia), RGPS (scholarship programmes), and affluent Cambodians studying in Singapore
  • Sponsor studies of professionals such as Khmer medical students with the longer term intention that they will take over the programmes of ACTs eventually



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