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The Canossian Daughters of Charity is an International Religious Institute founded in 1808 in Italy by St Magdalene of Canossa. It was established in Singapore in 1894. Presently there are 53 Canossian Sisters serving the Archdiocese of Singapore as well as doing mission outreach overseas.

The Sisters live in communities in various parts of the island and are engaged in a wide range of ministries of charity: education, catechesis, pastoral care of the sick, elderly and terminally ill, counselling, youth ministry, prison ministry, inter-religious and ecumenical dialogue, formation of the laity, retreat work and spiritual direction. They seek to show God’s love through passionate, joyful, unconditional service to the poorest, thus bringing meaning to their lives.

The Sisters share their mission with a wide network of lay associates and volunteers who draw inspiration from the Canossian spirituality. The worldwide Lay Canossian Family includes Lay Canossians, Lay Missionaries and Lay Volunteers. Training/guidance is offered by the VOICA (Canossian International Voluntary Service) team to those interested in volunteering their services in Asia, Africa and South America.


Programmes and Activities

Canossian voluntary service programmes focus on empowering women, forming the heart of children and youth to love, care and share, and giving pastoral care to those weakened by sickness and old age.

a) Service in Singapore:

  • Tutoring children and organising activities and outings for them
  • Sponsoring a meal for children:
    Canossaville Children’s Home (Tel: +65 67485-777)
  • Befriending the elderly and the sick in the Homes for the Aged
  • Pastoral care of the residents and foreign staff of the Homes
  • Organising activities/outings, sponsoring a meal for the residents:
    St Joseph’s Home for the Aged & Hospice (Tel: +65 6268-0482)
    Villa Francis Home for the Aged (Tel: +65 6269-2877)
  • Conducting pastoral care lessons in schools:
    Canossa Convent Primary School (Tel: +65 6844-1418)
    Canossian School for the Hearing Impaired (Tel: +65 6749-8971)
    St Anthony’s Canossian Primary School (Tel: +65 6449-5645)
    St Anthony’s Canossian Secondary School (Tel: +65 6449-0616)

b) Service Overseas:

  • Giving short courses for the training of educators
  • Teaching English to children and youth
  • Conducting camps for children/youth
  • Bringing Christmas cheer to children in orphanages and boarding houses
  • Faith formation of Catholic youth and adults
  • Sponsoring the education of poor children
  • Sponsoring the training of educators from villages
  • Setting up water cisterns and toilets in mountain villages in Yunnan, China
  • Packing things for the missions
  • Collaborating with local groups to bring humanitarian aid to those struck by natural disasters:
    Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar (2008), Typhoon Ondoy floods in the Philippines (2009)


“I entrust to you my beloved poor.”
“Charity is a fire that embraces the whole world.”
St Magdalene of Canossa



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