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CNG is an association of committed and caring nurses who strive to uphold technical competence according to Christian moral principles. CNG fosters and promotes the professional and spiritual growth of its members, as well as participates in pastoral and community programmes towards the sick, handicapped and the elderly.


Programmes and Activities

  • Organise outreach to Catholic Aids Relief Effort (CARE), a Catholic charity organisation serving people afflicted with HIV/AIDS
  • Provide carer training on basic care-giving knowledge for Archdiocesan Commission of Pastoral Care for Migrants and Itinerant Workers (ACMI). ACMI looks after the welfare of migrant and itinerant people
  • Operate free clinic at Church of Risen Christ
  • Conduct Pastoral Care workshops
  • Assist in Mass for the sick at the parish level
  • Organise annual retreats
  • Assist in mask-fitting at Archdiocesan level during pandemic situations such as the SARS and H1N1 periods. Giving priests advice on the diseases and infection control
  • Attend to ad-hoc activities in the area of healthcare at parish level, including first-aid duties



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