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Cyclone Komen ploughed through the western parts of Myanmar on 30th July 2015.

By: Victoria Lim
Photos: Caritas Myanmar (KMSS)

MyanmarLifeAfterFloods01The cyclone left 1.6 million displaced and at least 117 people killed. CHARIS responded to the disaster by pledging an initial sum of SGD 100,000 for aid and disaster relief supplies to Caritas Myanmar (KMSS). In October 2015 CHARIS granted SGD 86,000 to KMSS for their project to rehabilitate 4 ponds and wells, which had been contaminated by floodwaters and rendered unsuitable for drinking.  This also included repairing gravity flow water systems in
7 villages in the Chin State. On a whole, both these projects would benefit at least 6,505 people living in the area.

In late February 2016, our partner Caritas Myanmar successfully completed 4 ponds, which not only provide a natural embankment for future floods but also a catchment and fresh water source for local villagers. This was a landmark achievement for them as they were faced with a variety of challenges such as language barriers, limited manpower and poor transportation routes.

In spite of the challenges, what was most inspiring was that these difficulties were overcome by hardworking KMSS project staff who encouraged and mobilised the local villagers to take ownership and contribute to the planning and construction phase of the project.

MyanmarLifeAfterFloods02This encouraging update challenges us to ponder on what it means to have faith and hope in the Lord in the midst of seemingly unsurmountable struggles. Perhaps it is also demands us to have an attitude of joy and hope during this season of Easter. Are we too living a risen life, risen from our sins and shortcomings and trusting in God?

We also ask for your continued prayers as our partner continues its good work building the gravity flow water system in the Chin state of Myanmar.


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