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Why donate to CHARIS?

The Humanitarian Aid Fund was established to support the humanitarian work of the Church in Singapore. It enables CHARIS to provide humanitarian assistance beyond just victims of natural disasters to all other forms of crises, adverse circumstances or humanitarian need that may occur overseas.

Funds are raised from the Catholic community in Singapore. The money collected is used for the operations of CHARIS and to provide grants to organisations undertaking disaster relief and humanitarian work.

We rely on donations from the Catholic community to help us in our humanitarian mission.

Your contribution, of any amount, will go a long way to make a difference to our brothers and sisters overseas who live in poverty or are affected by disasters or strife.

As the body that coordinates the Singapore Archdiocesan response to overseas humanitarian situations, CHARIS connects with other Caritas offices overseas, especially in the affected countries.

Through this network, CHARIS is able to better understand the situation on the ground and to collaborate with the relevant office(s) and determine the funding and other aid which is required.

How to donate to CHARIS?

You can donate in the following ways.

  1. By credit card/Paypal (Online)

    Visit our Make Hope Happen microsite for more information! 

    Make Hope Happen
  2. By cheque

    Download the donation form and mail us the completed form with your crossed cheque, payable to “Humanitarian Aid Fund”, bearer only (i.e. strike out “Or Bearer”) and send it to:
    Caritas Humanitarian Aid & Relief Initiatives, Singapore (CHARIS)
    55 Waterloo Street
    #07-02 Catholic Centre
    Singapore 187954
  3. By cash

    Please drop by our office* to make your payment. Please be sure to obtain a receipt for your cash donation.

    Our address is:
    55 Waterloo Street
    #07-02 Catholic Centre
    Singapore 187954
    Tel: +65 6337 4119

  4. By GIRO

    Download the GIRO form and mail us the completed form, with the indication "Attn: FR Exec" on the front of the envelope, to:
    Caritas Humanitarian Aid & Relief Initiatives, Singapore (CHARIS)
    55 Waterloo Street
    #07-02 Catholic Centre
    Singapore 187954


Please note the following:

  • If you wish to benefit victims of a specific situation, please write the name of the situation (e.g. “Japan Earthquake”) behind the cheque or indicate this when making the payment.
  • We will send you an acknowledgement receipt for your donation. If you do not receive a receipt from us within two months of your donation, please contact us at tel: 6337-4119 or email to: info@charis-singapore.org. Please note that this donation does not qualify for income tax deduction.
  • In accordance with the permit granted to CHARIS by the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY), please note that this request for funding is extended to the Catholic Church congregation of Singapore only.




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