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jrsJesuit Refugee Service (JRS)

JRS is a worldwide Catholic organisation with a mission to accompany, serve and defend the cause of refugees and forcibly displaced people. Founded in 1980, JRS assists people of all races and religions. It works with refugees and forcibly displaced people as friends, listening and helping them in a very personal way.

JRS is active in over 50 countries, particularly in areas of greatest need and where no other humanitarian groups are present. Most of its workers are volunteers. JRS also recruits many refugees to participate in its assistance programmes as teachers, nurses and other staff, helping them to find dignity and purpose in their lives.

JRS Singapore works closely with local JRS and refugee organisations in Thailand, Sri Lanka, Nepal and India. Its projects include raising awareness about the refugee situation, sending financial and material aid, and dispatching volunteers on missions.


Programmes and Activities

  • Work with parish groups to visit and fund projects in the region
  • Work with parish groups to create awareness of the plight of refugees in the region
  • Support JRS offices in the region in their projects
  • Support JRS offices in the region by sourcing for long-term volunteers to work in their programmes



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