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Going on missions and helping others is often a life-changing experience. We return, inspired by the life-giving spirit of others, humbled by the little we have to offer.

Hear from those who have put their faith into action, those who have just made their first foray, to others who are seasoned missioners.

Young or old, single or within a family, everyone has a talent, a skill and love to share with those in need.

Read about their experiences:


Samuel Murugasu, 12 years
"We did not speak the same language but the loving kids overcame that barrier easily and treated us with love and care, despite being total strangers in the beginning. I have never met children as friendly as them."
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Andrea Lim, 17 years
"I woke up at 5 am for the first time in my life."
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Joel Mak, 17 years
"It wasn’t until later that I learnt the bombs weren’t just thrown for fun but to kill cockroaches in a small common area which I later saw for myself."
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Joshua Chiang, 17 years
"The initial reaction I had of Erap was how it was not as rural and isolated as I had imagined it to be."
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Elaine Lin, 30 years
"Playing with the children made me realise how simple things can fulfill them and make them smile."
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Paulus Hu, 43 years
"I have learnt to be more concerned with our environment, and how I spend my money."
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Sally Low, 55 years
"Despite our initial apprehension, we managed to complete the house construction quite quickly, working alongside our village host and neighbours."
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Alan Teo, 59 years
"I do what I can and there’s no expectation on any volunteer to do more than that."
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Michael Tan, 74 years
"This trip showed me that the only thing I have to keep in mind is to give of myself freely."
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Goh May Lan, 84 years
"My energy comes from ‘above’! I made a promise to commit myself to mission work, and I will see that promise through for as long as I physically can."
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Elmer & Miyen Lobusta
"We saw how when we have faith in God and rely on His mighty power, His purpose will prevail."
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Art & Maita, family of 5
"At first we were wary that our kids would find it too difficult and uncomfortable but they had a really great time, playing with the kids of the villagers and having fun mixing gravel and planting a community garden."
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Teresa & Gabriel, family of 8
"It is one of those life experiences whereby you blindly take a plunge first and then later be amazed at what you have opened yourself to."
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Audrey & Yeong Phang, family of 6
"It is a wonderful way for us to serve together in a meaningful cause. It is also a time to live life more simply and be thankful for all God has blessed us with."
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Damian & Gladys, family of 9
"God has blessed us with many things and talents, and it is only right to share with those who have not been similarly blessed."
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Lawrence & Sandy, family of 5
"The most significant experience was that we went there to give but we felt that we received more than what we gave!"
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Sr Angela
"I do not consider my work in Myanmar as anything extraordinary. God is the hero and we are throwing seeds only. Doing missionary work requires a lot of humility and mutual sharing."
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Sr Janet
"First-hand experiences of service and sharing the life of the poor during mission trips can lead to changes in our outlook on life. In fact, some youths are even motivated to take certain career paths and make courageous choices in the direction they take in life."
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