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Project Kyrie believes that everyone can make a difference in the lives of others. It assists busy kind-hearted individuals to help those less privileged in Singapore and overseas by locating the poor and doing the groundwork such as organising and facilitating projects.

In Singapore, Project Kyrie supports food rations for 20 families and takes in and assists crisis cases. Overseas, it caters to people in Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Poland and Ukraine.

Its core objective is to teach people how to fish, especially through education and the acquiring of new skill sets. It believes that poverty need not be the price paid by a child. If the child has the potential to become a contributing and productive member of society, the whole family will be pulled out of the vicious cycle of poverty in which they might have been for generations.

Project Kyrie also believes that any skills, talents, resources and connections when contributed, can make a huge difference to change the path of an individual’s life for the better, to give much needed hope and dignity. No effort is too small.


Programmes and Activities

  • Cook and feed 600 foreign migrants a month at Kian Teck Lane
  • Provide food rations for 20 families in Singapore
  • Provide furniture and appliances to the poor in Singapore to give hope and love
  • Bring humanitarian aid to overseas countries like Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia and Ukraine, e.g. water projects, building/repairing of homes, sponsorship of education, sending doctors and facilitating medical projects, etc.
  • Facilitate logistics to distribute big amounts of food supplies to the poor, e.g. sending food items to Moral Home, St Joseph’s Home, St Theresa’s Home and Beyond Services
  • Facilitate goods for hand-carry or for containers to be sent out to the orphanages in Cambodia, Thailand and Indonesia



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