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Who we are

SiGN is a Parish based mission group from the parish of St Francis Xavier. While most of our members are from within the parish, we do welcome like-minded people from outside the parish, whether they be Christian or not, to journey with us and to experience the richness of life as a part of a Christian Community.

SiGN's Vision

To foster missionary zeal within Saint Francis Xavier parish to bring the hope of Christ to people overseas

SiGN's Mission

To proclaim the Gospel and serve God's People

SiGN's Values

Led by the Spirit, Fed by the Word

Gentle in Word, Humble in Deed.


Sowers in God's Name (SiGN) was conceived on 5th September 2009, in the year of the Parish's 50th anniversary celebrations. In December 2009, she sent her first parish mission team to Cambodia. After making five parish mission awareness and exploratory mission trips to Cambodia, the Philippines and Sabah, our parish decided on 19th April 2012 to support the work of the Congregation of Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception (FSIC) in Paitan, Sabah, and in particular, to support the kindergartens set up by FSIC for the children in Paitan. This is because we affirm their conviction that education is an agent of change – a change for a better future, and where better to start than with the children.

Article about SiGN by June Oei & Alfred Goh

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Programmes and Activities

SiGN's Mission

To proclaim the Gospel and serve God's People

Activities in Singapore

  • Acquire the Craft of Catechesis
  • Acquire skills in mission work
  • Praying as a group
  • Fund Raising
  • Cultural Immersion
  • Outdoor Orientation
  • Ongoing Faith Formation

Activities Overseas

  • Present Bible Stories in English
  • Singing Christian Songs
  • Home Pastoral Visits
  • Community Meals in celebration of Church Feast Days
  • Funding of educational infrastructure
  • Funding for higher technical education at Montfort Youth Training Centre



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