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Caritas Humanitarian Aid & Relief Initiatives, Singapore (CHARIS) is the umbrella body for overseas humanitarian aid by the Archdiocese of Singapore. CHARIS is a member of Caritas Singapore and was launched on 20 August 2010 by His Grace, Archbishop Nicholas Chia.

Humanitarian situations cover natural disasters and other adverse circumstances faced by the poor and needy, especially in developing countries in the region. Aid provided by CHARIS includes funding, medical aid and volunteers for immediate relief as well as the long-term support of those displaced and in need.


As one Body in Christ, to inspire, unite and enable the Catholic Community in Singapore,
to love and serve our neighbours in the region through humanitarian aid and disaster response.

Strategic Pillars


To establish a community for CHARIS affiliates, parishes and local humanitarian organisations and to stay connected with the Caritas and other regional networks.


To help build the capacity and capabilities of Catholic organisations undertaking overseas humanitarian work.


To catalyse volunteer efforts and to lead, share and mobilise efforts to support humanitarian needs.


To engender empathy for all in need of humanitarian aid and inspire compassion grounded in the Scriptures and social teachings of the  Church.

  • The stylised cross identifies CHARIS as a Catholic organisation.
  • The cross also forms an ‘umbrella’ which defines the role of CHARIS as an umbrella organisation.
  • The colour purple representing both the colour of suffering (used during lent) and the ‘‘coming’’ of hope which we seek to bring to those suffering overseas.
  • The light of Christ that radiates through the centre of the stylised cross is the source that inspires and strengthens us to live out our lives in true faith and to fulfil the Church’s social mission for our neighbours in need.


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