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M3 Logo

M3 (Magdalene Mission Myanmar) started in Jan 2011, mainly to support the work of the Canossian Sisters in Myanmar. Their mission is to elevate the level of education to the poor children in the villages. This they do by running an FED program (Formation of Educators). Each year they take in 25 young women and house them in the Canossian Boarding House over a period of two years where they learn a series of skills in basic, intermediate and advance programmes.

The curriculum imparts and develops soft and hard skills such as grasp of English, Mathematics, Arts, Social Skills, Psychological, Cognitive and Spiritual skills.

M3 raises funds to support educators, upkeep the Canossian House, including the upkeep of several  Myanmar postulants, translators and mentor leaders and also the 14 children who are adopted and living in the Canossian House.

M3 also finds volunteers who can offer time, resources and contents to enrich the programme being offered.




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