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Organising  overseas Missions can be daunting for first-timers and even for seasoned veterans.

Often, it involves leading a group of inexperienced individuals to a country that has been affected by a disaster or to one that is in need of humanitarian aid. Poor in-country infrastructure, unanticipated cultural differences and inadequate pre-trip preparation can hobble the best-intentioned of mission groups. At the same time, the Catholic and spiritual aspects of these mission trips should not be lost among the logistical issues.

As the umbrella body for humanitarian aid groups of the Church, CHARIS aims to facilitate the organisation of these mission trips through helping to source for volunteers for the trips, opportunity for training for Mission leaders and more. CHARIS is currently developing and piloting the following resources that will be made available to its Member Organisations:

  • A trip leader’s guidebook
  • Trip Leaders Course, a practical residential 3-day course in Singapore for overseas mission trip leaders
  • Trip Leaders Mission Trips, hands-on overseas mission trips organised for potential trip leaders
  • Light To The World, a group study guide on Catholic social teachings for overseas mission trips 

  • Hymns For The Journey, a book of hymns for group singing on overseas mission trips Cover_HymnsForTheJourney


For further information, please contact the CHARIS secretariat.


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