A volunteer with the ANAK-Tnk Foundation, Mathilde left her corporate job based in Paris 3 years ago. Upon pondering upon the call of her life, the gifts and talents which she has been blessed with from the Lord, she was prompted to take action in sharing her time and gifts more generously and decided to embark on humanitarian work. Since then, she has been volunteering with the Foundation in the Philippines, serving as their accountant. Apart from managing the finances, she also was actively involved in the mission of safeguarding and protecting children from the streets and the slums, catering to their basic needs of shelter, education, nutrition, and health.   

In the giving of her time and love, she shares that she has received much more than what she has given. She shares that in being the “hand of God”, she has experienced what it means to be God’s instrument, allowing His love to be reflected through her and to the children that the Foundation serves.  

By being on the ground in Manila in her work with the Foundation, she has witnessed the reality of the lives of the poor. Healed by her encounters with the children of the Foundation, these interactions have taught her to live in true joy even amidst the difficult circumstances of their lives.

She has also experienced the joy and simplicity in service. In seeing the face of Christ in all the children that she interacts with, she has discovered what it means to love them simply as they are and practising the gift of presence in being available and present to them, because every person and soul matters.  

This story is contributed by CHARIS’ Member Organisation, ANAK-Tnk. ANAK-Tnk was founded in 1998 to support Manila’s most unfortunate children: those living in extreme poverty in the streets and in the slums of the capital city of the Philippines.  

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