Thida (22 years old) is a Cambodian graduate of the Don Bosco School in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, where ACTS organises its annual humanitarian outreach providing education, dance and sports for the students. Her sister took her to the Don Bosco School when she was young, and she has lived with the Salesian Sisters for about 8 years. She recounts that her years of schooling with the Salesian Sisters has taught her to be a smart, honest, helpful and respectful person.  

Every December, volunteers from ACTS would visit the Don Bosco School, and she shared fondly on the memories forged with them, through dancing, playing games, receiving education and more. Through the ACTS mission encounters, she felt inspired by their work of sharing love and joy with others, in the little that everyone could offer.  

These encounters encouraged her to continue sharing this love and happiness that she experienced, and eventually led her to starting her own charity in her first year of university with her classmates. Her charity, Children Smile, outreaches to the poor children in Cambodia. Mirroring the activities that she has experienced during the ACTS missions, Children Smile teaches the students and engages with them through games and dance.  

Once the COVID-19 situation in Cambodia improves, she foresees herself continuing in the work of outreaching to the underprivileged children in Cambodia, sharing abundantly in the love and joy that she had once received. 

This story is contributed by CHARIS’ Member Organisation, A Call to Share (ACTS). ACTS aims to help promote education and basic healthcare for the less fortunate in Cambodia, Myanmar, Philippines and Vietnam. 

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